St Martin's Island and Cox's Bazar

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St Martin's Island and Cox's Bazar

Post  Admin on Tue 31 Mar 2009, 02:30

This was the 1st trip out of Dhaka we did. We took a flight down to Cox's Bazar via Royal Bengal, who were suprisingly efficient. On arrival it was a short trip to the hotel, the Prasad Paradise. I guess something got lost in translation there.....

The beach itself was indeed very big, but that's it really. We ended up being the star attraction of the beach with all the locals crowding round our deckchairs and staring and pointing at us. Not fun. Some of the creepier men even started filming my wife with a mobile phone. I came very close to confiscating one and chucking it in the sea!! The water was quite warm (October) and my brother went for a swim. But the resort is not in anyway designed for Western tourists.

St Martin's Island was much better. We had a hair-raising early morning drive to Teknaf, from where we caught a ferry which sailed the two hours to the Island. It was quite interesting to see Burma in the distance as we sailed passed and down into the Bay of Bengal.

The island was quite peaceful and the beaches were really nice. We didn't get bothered by any locals at all. The sea was really clear and swiming was fun. We had lunch at the only hotel on the Island, and then took a speedboat to a small coral island which we explored. We were only there for the day so soon enough it was back on the ferry again. The drive back from Teknaf to Cox's Bazar in the dark was incredibly frightening!!!

All in all St Martin's Island is worth a visit. You don't feel like you are in Bangladesh at all (I mean this in the nicest possible way). Cox's Bazar is not worth more than a nights stop-over, as it is really not geared for Western tourists- but then maybe you don't want that?


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